Fractional CO2 laser

The Fractional CO2 laser is effective at treating for deep wrinkles, smokers’ lines, skin resurfacing, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and collagen building.

With theMiXto SX®, the latest technology in micro fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing, we can use it on all skin types for laser skin treatments.

The MiXto Laser treats the face, neck, chest, hands and arms and delivers more results in a 30-minute treatment than competitors can accomplish in 3 treatments with less discomfort, downtime and cost.

The MiXto SX® combines the gold standard 10,600 nm wavelength for skin renewal and resurfacing procedures with a unique patented scanner to deliver a precise matrix of Microspots that penetrate to the dermis and stimulate the formation of new collagen.

The MiXto SX® stands alone as a leader of technological evolution in Micro fractional CO2. The benefits the MiXto offers are:

  • Continuous wave CO2 for lateral thermal diffusion and collagen stimulation
  • Two handpieces, delivering a 180µm and 300µm spot with treatment density adjustment
  • Computerized pattern generation for precision and reproducibility
  • Non-sequential delivery system for patient comfort and tissue cooling

The MiXto SX® gives me the ability to carefully regulate the depth of penetration and the amount of heat delivered by the beam. The high-speed scanner driven by a patent pending algorithm divides the treatment area into four quadrants or “fractions” and skips the beam from quadrant to quadrant so that each strike is separated by the longest possible interval. The process is repeated until the entire area is treated. Dividing the laser energy this way allows maximum time for thermal cooling of the tissue, less pain for the patient, and faster recovery. With this “quadrant” fractional technology and a more tightly focused beam, the MiXto SX® laser delivers uniform tissue ablation to the dermis causing immediate contraction and tissue tightening. A secondary effect is the production of new collagen over the next 6-12 weeks, which improves skin elasticity and restores a more youthful appearance.

The flexibility of the MiXto SX® System delivers unequalled results as it can be used in a Micro Fractional Mode, Traditional Resurfacing Mode, and Surgical Mode.

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Carla Quinn is my skin angel. Everyone asks me about my skin everywhere I go.
- Amelia E.

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Dr Clark has been a Godsend for me as she transforms my skin into a healthy glow once again.
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